Our Environmental Footprint

What are you doing to reduce the environmental burden of fashion?

Posted at 11:00 • May 25, 2021

We believe sustainability is much more than a buzzword. Rather, it’s a series of choices and a conscious effort to do less harm to the planet in every step of our manufacturing process. As our products journey from our factories to your home, we carefully consider the impacts we’re having on the environment. Here are some choices we made, with sustainability in mind:

Every drop of water at our Ganzhou factory is used twice. Tap water is used for drinking, cooking, and showering. After that, the water is treated and purified, then used to flush toilets and water plants.

All of our labels are made with 100% recycled fibers. They cost twice as much as regular labels, but we use recycled materials whenever possible. (Unfortunately, we have yet to find recycled materials that let us make bras and underwear that meet our standards. But we are pushing our suppliers to experiment).

When it comes to packaging, we replace plastic with paper wherever possible. We considered ‘biodegradable plastic’ for packaging, but found that “bio-degradable plastic” often means the plastic was injected with a material that made it break down into smaller plastic particles, a.k.a. microplastic. We decided to go with a tissue wrapping paper instead.

Without compromising on product quality, we create as few samples as possible. For example, we’ll try to alter existing samples without creating new ones. Many of our samples have been taken apart and put back together more than once. We end up taking longer to develop new products, but good things take time.

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