Fitting Room Diaries: Entry #3, Size 30G/32DDD, Bottom-full

Customer: Megan, Size 30G/32DDD

Megan was sized as 32DDD/34DDD at Victoria’s Secret, and complained of her bra band riding up. She also said after a full day of wear, her shoulders and back didn’t feel so good. She ideally wanted a wireless, supportive bra, but was open to a non-irritating underwire bra. 

We took her measurements: 27’’ tight underband, 29’’ loose underband, 34.5’’ standing bust, 37’’ leaning bust. 

Her preferred underband tightness is 29’’. We took the average of her standing and leaning bust measurements, as there was a big difference. We recommended size 30G. 

Her breast roots are wide compared to her underband. She has even horizontal fullness. She is full on bottom and shallow on top. Her breasts are not self-supporting, but not dense/heavy, thus relatively easy to lift up. 

Bra #1: Ivy in 30G

It fit her well overall! The wire shape is a good fit for her roots, and the bra provides excellent lift. Because her breasts are shallow on top, there is a little bit of gapping at the top underneath the mesh panels. She felt the band was wide and supportive. She preferred to wear the bra on the loosest hook. 

Bra #2: Harper in 30G

Harper in 30G isn’t roomy enough in the bottom section for her bottom-full breasts. It also doesn’t provide enough coverage in the armpit area. She felt that the 30 band is too tight, so we gave her the sister size, 32DDD to try. 

Bra #3: Harper in 32DDD

Going up in the band size was an improvement for comfort, but this bra is overall a shape mismatch for her.  

Bra #:4 Petal in 30G

Petal is not a shape match for her either. The gore is touching her chest, but there is some puckering in the underarm area. The bra’s top section (with the stretch lace) is too roomy, as her breasts are shallow on top. The shape is overall too cone-like for her preference. (We recommend this bra for people with even-ish vertical fullness.) 

Bra #:5 Petal in 30DDD

She preferred the sister size for Petal. Because she is used to wearing 32 or 34 bands, she felt the 32 is more comfortable than 30. However, there is more gapping near the armpit area, and the sister size overall didn’t fit as well as 30G. 

Bra #6 Simone in 32DDD

Simone overall fits her ok. Besides some puckering in the underarm area, the bra fits – the center gore tacks, the underwire contours her roots, and there is enough lift for her liking. Because it’s a demi style with low front coverage, there was no top gapping. She preferred to wear this bra on the loosest hook. 

At the end of the fitting session, we asked her to choose a bra as a thank-you gift for giving us feedback. She chose Ivy. She liked the overall support and coverage, and felt very secure while bending or moving around.

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