Spacer Air Collection

Like a mattress or pillow, foam bras can heat up, trapping heat inside the cups and giving you boob sweat. Luckily, not all foam is created equal. Spacer is an innovative foam that's not only more breathable but also lighter than regular foam.

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Spacer Air Gemini FlexWire Unpadded Strapless Bra, C-G Cup
4 reviews
Spacer Air Shea FlexWire Molded Unlined Bra, D-H Cup
24 reviews
Spacer Air Quinn FlexWire Seamed Cup Unlined Bra, D-J Cup
34 reviews
Spacer Air Adina Front-Close Wireless Unpadded Bra, C-H Cup
$10.00CADFinal Sale
2 reviews
Spacer Air Vera Wireless Unpadded Bra, C-H Cup
$10.00CADFinal Sale
1 review