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Who We Are

Understance is a solution-oriented lingerie company based in Vancouver, BC. Our mission is to empower people to discover the transformative power of comfort and support.

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Our People

Hi, we are Understance! We are from British Columbia, Canada. Our head office and flagship store are in Vancouver, and your packages are shipped from Coquitlam. Our team is made up of about 40 employees from 12 countries. About 50% POC, 85% of our leadership positions are occupied by women.

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Our Commitment

Understance's goal is not just to sell as many bras as possible. We want our products to make a difference - to your comfort, to your confidence, to your sense of self. We pledge to be honest and helpful wherever we can. We will never photoshop our models or use fictitious pricing. What you see is what you get.

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Thoughtful Design

We don't claim to have re-invented the bra. An expertly-made traditional bra can be comfortable, flattering, and attractive. While the bra industry doesn't need a revolution, reform is overdue. Considered design and updated materials make a difference. If you've tried our products, you know that we infuse every detail with the utmost care.

Our Promise

Ethical Manufacturing

When you shop with us, you can take comfort in knowing that the people who made your products are treated well.

Sustainable Practice

We use 50% less wastewater, 100% recycled tags and packaging and we’ll always choose recycled fabrics wherever we can.

Bra Education

We are committed to providing you with all the resources you need so that you can make the best decision for your shape.


We are first & foremost a customer-focused company, but, we are also dedicated to giving back to our local community.

Our Factories

Our products are made by an award-winning factory with a focus on sustainable practices. It is based in Ganzhou, China. The manufacturing labs are primarily powered by solar energy and uses a two-tier water conservation system. Our seamstresses and technicians are paid 20% above the regional average, enjoy paid time off, and work in a safety-first environment.

Curated by Size

At Understance, we don't believe there is one perfect bra for everybody. What a 46G needs and what a 32A needs are simply not the same. All of our bras are designed with a specific size range in mind. Make sure you use the size filter when shopping!

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Collaborative Design

Our design process starts with one goal in mind: to make comfortable, flattering bras that meet the needs of everybody. To achieve this, we let our fitting models and virtual fitting participants do the talking. Have an idea for a new bra? Share with us at!

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Quality Guarantee

Our bras and underwear are made with high-quality materials that ensure their durability. We test our products for harmful substances, stretch recovery, pilling, colorfastness, and dimensional stability. We believe the most environmentally responsible way to manufacture bras and underwear is to make sure they last.

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So, what's next?

Enough about us, now it's about you! Here are some options to get you started on your journey to comfort!