Bra Pain Points and Solutions

Wearing an ill-fitting bra can lead to a variety of pain points. We’ve created this guide to help you identify your individual pain points and find the solutions to them. The most common cause of these pain points is wearing an ill-fitting bra.

Back rolls/back smoothing

This happens when the bands dig into your skin creating lumpy and uneven shape underneath clothes. This is caused by the bands being too thin. The solution is to wear bras with thicker bands that provide smoothing. This will minimize the discomfort associated with bras cutting into back rolls. Shop our T-shirt/Smooth Bras bras.

We recommend:
ABC: Cuddle, Nadia, Cotton Comfort
BCD: UpLift Series
CDE: Hugger, Day to Night, Zoe

Side spillage

This happens when your breasts spill out of the side of your cup. The first thing to check if the bra has an underwire is that the wire is sitting below the breasts. Then ensure the band is tight enough, a lose band can cause the bra to shift as you move. It can also be caused by the cups being too small. The most common solution is to size up a cup.

We recommend:
ABC: The No-Bra V-Back Tank Bra, The No-Bra Cropped Tank, Cotton Comfort, Nadia
BCD: UpLift Series, Maeve
CDE: Hugger, Emilia, Zoe


This happens when the breast doesn’t fill out the cup. This is a common pain point for people with Asymmetric, East/West, and Teardrop shaped breast. It is usually caused by cups that are too large. We recommend measuring your cup and sizing down if needed to get the right fit.

We recommend:
ABC: Marshmallow, Soft Embrace Series, Pepper, Nadia, Sweetpea, No-Bra Series

Cup Overflow

Overflowing is caused by the cups being too small. Sizing up one cup size is the solution. Your cup size can change over time so remember to use a measuring tape to measure your size every time you buy a bra.

We recommend:
BCD: Arabella, UpLift Series
CDE: Hugger, Zoe, Ivy


Uni-boob is caused by wearing a bra that doesn’t adequately define and separate your breasts. The solution is wearing bras with a high center front wire.

We recommend:
BC: Moonlight
BCD: Arabella

Backaches/better back support

Backaches are caused by a variety of lifestyle and bra fit factors. Women with fuller busts are more likely to suffer from back aches stemming from wearing an ill-fitting bra. It is often caused by wearing bras that aren’t supportive enough. Wearing bras with thicker bands and straps will help distribute the weight more evenly.

We recommend:
ABC: Cotton Comfort
BCD: UpLift Series
CDE: Emilia

Irritating/Digging straps

This is caused by the straps being too tight and the band not providing most of the support. It can also be caused by wearing straps that are too thin for your cup size. It is important to look for bras that have thicker bands and straps as you go up in cup size. First try loosening the straps. If that doesn’t work, it may be time for a new bra with thicker straps or a tank bra.

Learn how to shop for the best bra for you here.

We recommend:
ABC: No-Bra Series

Slipping straps

This is caused by the straps being too loose. As your bra ages, the elastic fibres wear down and your straps will gradually stretch out. Tighten your straps when they start to get loose or every other month. If that doesn't work, try a different style such as tank bras or racerback bras.

We recommend:

ABC: Soft Embrace Series, Cuddle, Marshmallow, No-Bra Series

Band too tight

This is caused by wearing a band that that is too small. Shop for a bigger band size and if your band size is unavailable, shop for a band extender online. To find your band size, click here.

We recommend:
BCD: Hugger wireless

Band too loose

This is often caused by wearing a bra that’s too old or a band size that’s too big. As your bra ages, the band stretches out and can become too loose. When you buy a bra, the tightest hook should be snug to ensure the bra continues to fit as it ages.

We recommend:
No-Bra Series

Irritating Underwire

This happens when the underwire doesn’t fit properly and digs into the skin. This can cause pain on the ribs and on the side of the breasts. Most people with sizes A/B cups generally don’t need an underwire for adequate support. There are a variety of wireless foam cup bras that provide a dramatic lift and comfort for women of all sizes.

We recommend:
The Wireless bras series.