Projected Bras (Deep Cups)

Projection is how “deep” your breasts are. You can be anywhere from not projected at all (flat) to very projected. Shop our collection of bras designed for projected breasts.

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Spacer Air Quinn 2.0 FlexWire Unpadded Bra, DD-J Cup
No reviews
Gemma FlexWire Strappy Unpadded Bra, C-H Cup
9 reviews
Yara FlexWire Unpadded Demi Lift Bra, DD-J Cup
31 reviews
Phoebe FlexWire Unpadded Full Coverage Bra, C-H Cup
3 reviews
Parker Smooth Lace FlexWire Unpadded Front-Close Bra, C-G Cup (Eco Lace)
23 reviews
Iris Smooth Lace FlexWire Unpadded Full Coverage Bra, C-H Cup (Eco Lace)
26 reviews
Penny FlexWire Unpadded Balconette Lift Bra, DD-K Cup
12 reviews
Anya FlexWire Unpadded Full Coverage Bra, DD-K Cup
51 reviews
Spacer Air Quinn FlexWire Seamed Cup Unlined Bra, D-J Cup
50 reviews
Spacer Air Shea FlexWire Molded Unlined Bra, D-H Cup
35 reviews
Salma FlexWire Full Coverage Lace Bra, D-J Cup
170 reviews
Ivy Full Coverage Underwire Bra, C-J Cup
278 reviews