How Should a Bra Fit

A comfortable, well-fitting bra is a game changer. Follow this guide for a fit check.

Scoop and Swoop

First, do the scoop and swoop. Bend forward a little, and scoop all your breast tissue into the cups. Scoop from your armpits, your back, and from under the bra band.

Now, look into the mirror:

1. The Band

Your bra band should be parallel to the floor¹. If it's riding up in the back, the band is too loose².

You should be able to put 2 fingers between the bra band and your back³. If you can't do that, the band is too tight.

¹ Proper-fitting band

2. The Straps

Move around a little. Your shoulder straps should stay put¹. They shouldn't fall off your shoulders², cut into your armpit, or dig into your shoulders³.

¹ Strap stays put

If the shoulder straps are falling off, look for a bra with closer-set straps. Leotard or "U" back bras, as well as racerback bras have anti-slip straps. If the straps feel too tight no matter how much you loosen them, it's because the straps are doing most of the work for support-this shouldn't be the case! Most of the support should come from the band. Try a bra with a smaller band size, or a bra with a wider band.

3. The Cups

Your breasts should be contained by the cups. There shouldn't be overflow or gapping¹. This doesn't just apply to the top of the cups - your breast tissue shouldn't be escaping from the sides², from under the band, or from the center. Similarly, there shouldn't be empty space anywhere in the cups.

¹ No overflow or gapping

4. The Underwire

The underwire should be contouring and supporting your breast tissue, not sitting on top of it and damaging it. It shouldn't cut in, irritate, or poke you anywhere - not at the center gore¹, not under your breasts², not on the sides under your armpit³.

¹ Underwire follows contour - gore

There shouldn't be any space between the underwire and your breast roots (the crease at the "base" of your breasts). If there is, the underwire can't support your breasts properly (you can't support something without making contact).

5. The Center Gore

The center gore is where the underwire comes together in the middle of the bra. It should lightly touch your sternum and keep your breasts separated, but not poke at your sternum or cause any irritation.


  • You have very center full breasts that are painful to separate when supported (If you are doing a fit check for wireless bras, ignore 4 and 5. We recommend low-gore bras or UniWire bras for this)
  • You have an inverted sternum
  • Wireless bras