Understance Perks FAQ

Couldn't be easier: Just click the Join Now button at the top of the page to get started. You will then be prompted to login to your Understance account or create a new Account.

No, membership is 100% free, and there is no additional cost for earning or redeeming rewards. You may earn points purchasing Understance products on our site or through the other actions listed.

We've listed all your points-earning possibilities above in Ways to Earn Points section.

For any and all Understance purchases except Gift Cards! The $ levels are listed above in Redeem points for savings at checkout.

If you want to redeem, login to your Understance account and click on Redeem Now. Alternatively, you can add things to your cart and at checkout, you will be prompted to redeem your points should you choose to.

Simple: Make sure you're logged into My Account. Your balance is always displayed on your Account page, and on this page when you're logged in.

The points value of the returned product will be debited from your overall balance (as if you hadn't made the purchase at all).

If you have any other questions, contact us at help@understance.com