Our Bra Chart

How To Measure Your Bra Size


Let's Get Your Band Size

Wrap the measuring tape around your ribcage, directly under your bust. Note down the number. If you are in between band sizes, size up for a relaxed fit, size down for a snug fit.

If you’re calculating in inches, add +4 to your measurement. For example, if you measured 34 inches, you would be a 38.


Now Your Bust and Cup Size

Measure your bust size by leaning forward and loosely wrapping the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust (this is your nipple level). Note down this number.

To get your cup size, match your bust size to your band size in the chart above. For example, if you measured 38 inches for your band size, and your bust size is 42 inches, you are a 38D.

For the most accurate results measure yourself without a bra.


Most women are wearing the wrong bra size. In fact, 90% of the women we’ve fitted were wearing the wrong bra size. We need to change that and make sure your next bra is a perfect fit.

How does your current everyday bra feel?

Fits Great


A well-fitting band should not be too tight or loose on the sides. It should lay straight across your back and should not ride up as you move.


Properly adjusted straps should not dig into or slip off the shoulders. They should be straight and stay in place.


The right size cups should be big enough to contain and support your entire bust without spillage or gaps.

Fits Too Tight


If the band is tight and digs into the skin, it’s too small. You should be able to comfortably slip two fingers into your band when it’s on the middle hook.


If the straps dig into your shoulders, they’re too tight. Loosen the straps until they feel comfortable.


If your breasts spill out from the front or side, your cup is too small. Size up a cup to get a better fit.

Fits Too Loose


If the band rides up your back, your band is too big. It should fit straight across your back, and you should be able to slip two fingers underneath comfortably.


If your straps are slipping off your shoulders, they’re too loose. Straps can also loosen over time so we recommend tightening them slightly every other month.


If you have gapping or creasing in your cups, they’re too big. Try a smaller cup size for a better fit.

Bra Pain Points and Solutions

Overflow? Sidespill? Irritating straps? We got you covered.

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