Our Quality Control

At Understance, quality control is built into our design and manufacturing processes. To make sure that no defective product ever ends up in your hands, we put our products through 4 rounds of tests. At each stage, we test for colorfastness, dimensional stability, stretch recovery, pilling, and more. Below are some of our testing equipment at work – can you guess what they are for?

Test for Pilling

Bras and underwear rub against our clothes all day, so it’s easy for them to fuzz and pill. This machine is called a crockmeter, and it tests for abrasion and pilling. We stretch the fabric over the drum, and leave the machine on for 10 minutes, at 60 rounds per minute. This simulates normal wear and tear 60 times.

The Stretch Test

Bras and underwear sit close to our body. They move and stretch with us all day long. Garments naturally age, but we want them to serve you long and well. This machine tests for stretch and recovery. It stretches the fabric for 20 minutes (600 times). Afterwards, we make sure that the fabric stays intact, and remains the same dimensions.

Environmental Chamber

Bras and underwear need to deal with all kinds of weather. This machine is an environmental chamber. It simulates sunlight and humidity. We ‘bake’ our bras and underwear to make sure they don’t turn yellow in the sun, or let bacteria accumulate in muggy conditions.

Color Testing

Fabrics naturally lose their color over time, but we don’t want them to lose their color dramatically after a few washes, or worse, bleed onto other clothes in the washer. To test for colorfastness, we cut fabrics into small strips, place them in the beakers, fill the beakers with water, and have them ‘shaken’ to simulate washing. Afterwards, we make sure the fabrics and water haven’t changed color.

These are just a few of the tests that we put our products through. At Understance, we infuse attention and care into every seam, lining, and fold of the bras and underwear we make.

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