Virtual Fitting

We know that shopping for bras has been an intimidating experience, and getting the right size and shape-match is an ongoing issue for many. Nothing can replace being able to try the products on in person, but if you're not in Vancouver, BC, we know this isn't possible.

Which is why we offer free virtual fittings, so we can help you wherever you are.

Our virtual fittings take place on Zoom with our Virtual Fitting Specialist. The call will last between 10-20 minutes. You will be asked to measure yourself off-camera with guidance. Afterwards, we will ask a series of questions to ensure that we can give you a proper product recommendation.

You can always let our Specialist know if you prefer to not be on camera.

Virtual Fittings are never recorded.

You can book an appointment via our Virtual Fittings Calendar which you can find here. You will receive a confirmation email following your booking. We will also send a 15-minute reminder prior to the call.

Please note that we are in Pacific Time.

Please bring a measuring tape with you! If you can bring one of the bras you're currently wearing, it would be great but it's not necessary.